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Christina Bennett, MS, independent medical journalist, has written about a range of topics. Below is a sampling of her publications.

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Liquid Biopsy May Predict Response to Therapy in Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma

Circulating tumor DNA levels measured as early as 3 weeks post-therapy may provide clues about long-term outcomes in this lymphoma subtype.

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A Powerful Force: Novel Endpoints Speed Up Drug Development

Although overall survival (OS) is still hailed as the gold standard of drug performance in trials, the reality is the cancer landscape is evolving and novel surrogate endpoints are emerging. Novel endpoints aim to speed up drug development and drug approval, granting patients greater access to life-saving therapies. However, the contrary is also true. Greater access also exposes patients to potentially harmful, ineffective therapies.


Gene Therapy May Not Be a Viable Option for Many Patients

Gene therapies offer the promise of a one-time cure for genetic diseases, but they have to make it past the immune system first. For gene therapies that are infused directly into the body, that is, in vivo gene therapies, a large fraction of people have immune systems that are primed with pre-existing neutralizing antibodies to gene therapies in clinical development. The exact proportion of people depends on the design and material makeup of the gene therapy, but if present, these antibodies neutralize the therapy and any transduced cells, rendering the treatment ineffective.